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Definition Limited Effects Theory. Description.

The Limited Effects Theory is a mass communication theory which argues that the influence from a mass media message on individuals is limited or even trivial.

The Limited Effects Theory was developed in late 1940s by sociologists researching about social context and media effects. At that time media studies were commissioned by the US government and the administrative research was supported by political parties. The scope of the research was to analyze how to leverage media to best promote political candidates.

By studying electoral campaigns it was assumed that media could have had three types of effects on audiences:

  1. Activate floating voters to take a decision.
  2. Reinforce the preference in convinced voters.
  3. Convert convinced voters to switch their preference.

Research by Paul Lazarsfeld demonstrated that media effects where strong only for the second type. A conclusion of the research was that audiences where not passive, because the response to a stimulus was not passive, immediate and mechanistic as defined by the Hypodermic Needle Theory. The response is instead mediated by resistance of the receivers, so it is configured as follows: Stimulus Resistance Response. (The same configuration of the response to media messages can be found in the Persuasion Theory).

Lazarsfeld also found that mass communication is linked to non-medial communication intrinsic in any social context. In other words, all relationships between components of a social group serve to mitigate media messages. Often the presence of Opinion Leaders tends to create a communication known as Two-Step Flow. The Limited Effects Theory is considered a major trigger for the development of new mass communication theories like the Two-Step Flow Model, Uses and Gratification Theory, Play Theory of Mass Communication, Cultivation Theory, and Dependence Theory.

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  Further Limitations Contributing to the Limited Effect of Media
Pretty good summary on the limited effects theory. Just want to add that (obviously) personal political, practical or technological factors can shape the nature and extent of an individual's or group's exposure to any particular media message as aver...

Reinforcement Theory

Hi I am a college student and need to find out more on Reinforcement Theory (RT).
Wikipedia says RT is a limited effects media model applicable within the realm of communication. The theory generally states that people seek out and remember info...

Quotes on Limited Effects of the Media. Quotations

Hi, do you know of a remarkable, humorous quote by a famous person or a proverb related to the trivial influence mass media have on individuals, groups and society as a whole?
Please enter a reaction to share it for other people to enjoy! Please u...
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Limited Effects


Limited Effects


Limited Effects


Limited Effects
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