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Hierarchical Organization Structures?

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Definition Hierarchical Organization Structure. Description.

A Hierarchical Organization Structure is a pyramid-shaped system that arranges the relations between the entities within an organization in a top-down way. Power, responsibility and authority are concentrated at the top of the pyramid and decisions flow from the top downwards. See: Centralization and Decentralization. The pyramid can be more steep or more flat. A steep pyramid has many layers of management, a flat organization has relatively few.

The opposite form of organization is a system of relations wherein the direction of activity is not fixed in one way (top-down), but flows back and forth between the entities involved. In other words, the parties must consent to each others direction of activity.

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  Temporary Hierarchy is Upside-down
The regular situational hierarchy in a small team is: section head - lead engineer - engineers.
When the section head is absent, one of the ordinary engineers is assigned as acting section head. So, the lead engineer becomes a subordinate for hi...

The Downside of Hierarchical Organizations. Disadvantages

On the down-side, if abused, a hierarchical organization will breed not only a lack of productivity, but an atmosphere of mistrust.
Abusive managers will utilize the hierarchy to assume maximum credit for success and blam...

Why Hierarchy in an Organization?

The purpose of hierarchy within an organization is to show the goal achievement path of the organization while maintaining zero defects, zero inventories and zero delay....

Organizational Hierachies

Why are organizational hierachies important?...
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Types and Functions of Organizational Communication

Communication Functions, Communication Structures, Network Organization, Communication Networks


Hierarchical Organization Structures


Hierarchical Organization Structures


Hierarchical Organization Structures


Hierarchical Organization Structures

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