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Definition Flat Organizational Structure. Description.

A Flat Organizational Structure is an organizational structure that features relatively few layers of managers between the top of the corporation and the normal employees.

Applying this organizational concept has a number of benefits:

  • More effective and simpler communication processes. Minimal bureaucracy.

  • Increased flexibility to cope with changing circumstances through more decentralized authority to take decisions.

  • Matches the needs of the modern knowledge worker to have more responsibility, autonomy and authority. Bottom-up Approach.

  • Smaller resource commitments to the task of employee supervision.

  • Improved customer relation management through more personal contacts and quicker decision-making.

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Enterprise 2.0: Integration of Internal and Public Social Media in the Organization

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Organizational Structures: Principles, Types and Diferences

Organizational Structure, Organizational Design


Flat Organizational Structures


Flat Organizational Structures


Flat Organizational Structures


Flat Organizational Structures

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