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Consumption Behavior - Credit CardsDefinition Consumption Behavior. Description.

Consumption Behavior is how an audience reacts to product marketing.

Consumption Behavior or Buying Behavior is people’s buying attitudes and intentions. If a group of people is exposed to some form of advertising of a product or a service they will then response to the advertised message with certain definable behaviors.

Why do people buy or not buy certain products? Why do they watch certain commercial messages and what makes them buy those products or services? According to various media studies there are 3 main reasons for a positive reaction of an audience towards advertising:

  1. Social Utility: people watch commercial messages to obtain information about the social significance of a product or a brand. Many external manifestations of status have to be maintained through expenditures—i.e., maintenance of a unique “life style,” to use the modern term (Leibenstein, Harvey, 1975, “The Economic Theory of Fertility Decline,” Quarterly Journal of Economics, 89, 1 (February): 1-31. They need to categorize the advertised message according to their Lifestyles and social grades.
  2. Communication Utility: people watch commercial messages in order to create a basis for discussion with others. The knowledge of certain products or services is often used as a topic in any interpersonal communication.
  3. Vicarious Consumption: people watch an ad to participate indirectly in a desired lifestyle. The association with the actors or objects of a commercial message (TV commercial, online ad, printed advertisement, or some form of Ambient Advertising) allows them to feel prestigious and glamorous.

A more sophisticated classification is the one by Packhard. Marketers utilize many tools to study, predict and understand Consumption Behavior: market research, Focus Groups, market testing and market sampling. Via Positioning marketers can even manipulate the perception of consumers.

Prior to analyzing Consumption Behavior it is advisable to perform Market Segmentation, which could be Demographic or Psychographic, etc.

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  Consumer Buying Behavior wrt Health Care Products
What are the factors influencing consumer buying behavior with reference to health care products?
In fact, I'm working on an assignment. Its title is 'Analysis of factors influencing consumer buying behavior with reference to health care product...

Why Consumers Purchase Goods or Services in the Informal Economy?

Williams and Martinez-Perez (2014) review research about customer behavior in the informal economy. The informal economy is that part of the economy not regulated, monitored or taxed by the state. As a result, income obtained in the informal e...

Influencing Product Adoption Through Social Networks

Comprehending product adoption behavior is important for companies because it helps them to understand and be able to influence consumers' decisions.
As a means of influencing buying behavior, advertising

Why do Consumers Rescind Products/Purchases?

Why do consumers rescind (Editor: ~declare null and void) purchases they made?
Most developed countries have laws that protect consumers that enter contractual agreements by requiring a cooling-off period, i.e., a period in which consumers can r...

Why Consumers Using Price Comparison Sites not Always Buy the Lowest Price Product

The existence of price comparison sites has led to stronger competition between online sellers. This has mainly to do with the fact that online consumers become more price sensitive after having used a price comparison site, according to many studies...

Trends in Consumer Marketing and Resulting Consumer Behavior

Fortin and Uncles (2011) reviewed the last decade and its main developments and trends. They argue that the B2C marketing environment has made rapid transformations during this period, and can now be portrayed as turbulent and disruptive. These trans...

The Role of Ethics in Consumer Purchasing Behavior

During the past decades, consumers have become more and more aware of ethics: consumer rights and product requirements. This has both changed consumer’s expectations of marketers as well as their buying behavior. The attitude towards more ethical pro...

2- and 3-part Cost Structures in Consumer Behavior: The 'Free' Allowance

In the past decades, an increasing amount of companies from various industries have tried to change their pricing structures. A common seen trend, in particular among telecom providers, banks and energy providers, is the replacement of a 2-part costs...

Buying Decision Types

What types of consumer buyer decisions exist? Thanks for your inputs......
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Understanding Why Customers Buy: Katz Functionalist Theory of Attitudes

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Self-gifting Buying Behavior

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Childrens' Understanding of Advertizing: Three Stages of Consumer Socialization

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Differences in Purchasing Decision Making and Consumer Behavior in BOP-markets

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The Role of Diversity in Personal Traits on Innovation and Innovativeness

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Consumer Behavior in the Service Sector

Decision Making, Behavioral Economics

Customer Behavior on the Internet

Internet Consumption Behavior, Internet Consumer Behavior, Web Customer

Industrial Purchasing Behavior

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Materialism. Causes, Consequences and Remedies

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The Internet / Social Media Revolution

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Consumer Buyer Behavior & Business Buyer Behavior

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Affective Versus Cognitive Consumption Behavior

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Customer Segmentation by Emotion: The EMO-index

Consumption Behavior


Consumption Behavior


Consumption Behavior


Consumption Behavior


Consumption Behavior

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